Would you be the next rock star? Are you a classics lover? Maybe a party mix suits you better..? Do you want to make part of it? You can – BEBOPS is already out!

BEBOPS live in a magical land where they just want to have fun. They are getting together for a big concert and need your help to choose who is going to play on stage!

With over 150 musicians (each with three combinations) you can have endless combinations and create all sorts of addictive tunes, mixing 10 different styles – new jazz, animals, fantasy, monsters, rock, robots, cavemen, samba, hip hop and reggae. When you’re done, record your creations and share them easily on Facebook – just a few clicks and everyone will know your inner Maestro!

The children friendly interface makes BEBOPS the ideal app for family and friends – although we doubt you’ll only let your kids play without having fun as well. The world of BEBOPS will change your life forever – will you dare to explore it?

Rock on!