FantasticFace Doodles

FuntasticFace Doodles, now live!

Here’s the thing: FuntasticFace and FACEinHOLE are landmarks on our history. And day by day we work to give our users what they want, what they need, what they ask for. That’s why we submit regular updates and improve our tools – to deliver the best experience.

FuntasticFace Doodles results of a long noted need – the need of giving kids a way of playing with FuntasticFace in a more colorful way, and allowing grown ups to create cool compositions with little drawings in their photos. After all, doodling is one of the most global way of creating works of art, of having fun, of discovering new dimensions of images.

Who never draw some ears or moustache in the teacher’s face? Who never added a balloon, some clouds, romantic hearts? Who never wanted to?

Now you can. FuntasticFace Doodles is now live.