FuntasticFace for Kids (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

From the creators of FACEinHOLE, the amazing Photo Booth, FuntasticFace is the photo editor you don’t want to miss. Trying out a new hairstyle, getting a moustache, changing the type of your nose (and much, much more) is now easier than ever. Have you tried it yet?

FuntasticFace provides you with hundreds of elements, from human ears to animal eyes, comics’ balloons to christmas decorations, facial hair, bruises, stickers… if you want it, it’s there – if it’s not, let us know and we’ll manage that! Visit the website and play for free, download the app and enjoy it anywhere!

  • 5 elements available in each category for free;
  • Hundreds of elements unlocked for a small price;
  • Regularly updated with dozens of new (and thematic!) elements;
  • Easily shareable through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail;

FuntasticFace Kids


For an experience 100% kids’ safe, FuntasticFace for Kids is now available for a small price – unlock 14 categories and hundreds of elements for the release price of $2.99. All the features are, in this version, compliant with the new specifications for kids’ safety in the Store, and all the contents are suitable for children. We collect no data – you can’t contact us via the app – and there is no in-apps purchase or advertising. The fun remains… enjoy!

– I believe something stopped working. What shall I do first?
Do you have the latest version of the app? If not, update. Sometimes we discover bugs caused by OS updates or new features and in order to fix them, we release new versions. Sometimes, they’re just upgrades to the previous ones – it’s always an advantage to stay updated.

– I’ve updated my device and now all content previously bought seems locked. Help!
If you updated your OS or changed of device you can always retrieve previously bought content by restoring it (usually a button in the Settings menu) and then downloading the content.

– My previously purchases gone missing!
Have you tried to touch the “Restore purchases” button from the “Settings” screen?
Please verify that you are logged in with the same iTunes account used on your forst buy.

– I’ve restored my purchases but content still appears lock / unable to use. What do I do?
See previous point! The restore only marks your content as purchased, connecting your account to the store to unlock previously paid items. After that you still need to download it before using.

– I can’t buy in-app stories, musics, videos, etc…
Can you please confirm that you have internet access? Also that the option for “in-app purchases” is enabled?

– My restores aren’t retrieving all purchases. What’s happening?
Please verify the account you’re logged into. If you use multiple accounts in one device, that may just be the detail you’re missing.

– My Bedtime Stories app has no sound. Why?
First, check your device’s sound settings. Is it a general problem? If so, the problem eventually is in your device. Then, look for Settings in the App – in Bedtime Stories, for instance, you can activate and deactivate the narration. If everything’s properly set and you still hear nothing, reach us!

– I don’t have sound in my app.
Try to kill the application by removing it from the multitask bar, confirm that the “mute” button is not enabled and then restart the application.

– Can I restore my purchases in different devices?
Yes, but only if three conditions are verified:
– you’re using the same OS. Some apps are available for Android and iOS but you won’t be able to retrieve purchases between stores;
– you’re using the same app. Some apps are available in two versions, one for phones and another one for tablets;
– you’re using the same account in all devices;

– I can’t download the app or other in-app purchases.
Please check that you’ve received the AppStore receipt after the transaction. If so, check your wi-fi connection and try again.

– There’s a message saying the App cannot access my photos/microphone, since I’ve denied that access accidentally. What can I do to grant it?
In the Settings menu of your device you have a Privacy item – inside you’ll find items such as those mentioned, and you can enable (or disable) the access there.

Contact us

Our development team enjoys all of your feedback and appreciation. If there’s any unexpected error or crash while enjoying our apps, let us know! We’re also open to any type of suggestion – yes, that feature you’d like to have available and is not implemented yet, for instance, might be a valuable help on our self-improvement.

Compliments are welcome too!